Support Centre for Teachers Using Chinese as the medium of Instruction

Support Centre for Teachers Using Chinese as the medium of Instruction (

In March 1997, Education and Manpower Bureau (formerly named ‘Hong Kong Education Department’) issued the Guidance on Medium of Instruction which firmly advised secondary school teachers to use Chinese as the Medium of Instruction (CMI). Seeing the opportunity to improve the quality of education in Hong Kong, the Department of
Curriculum Studies (it dissolved and became a unitary faculty since September 2002) of the University of Hong Kong proposed to set up a centre to support teachers using CMI.The Centre was sponsored by the Standing Committee On Language Education And Research (SCOLAR) from 1998 to 2000 and is now sponsored by Quality Education Fund (QEF). The CMI Centre took the opportunity of the switch of medium of instruction from English to Chinese to offer support service for teachers through various collaborative projects, teachers training activities as well as a teaching resources website. The CMI website was elected to be one of the ten websites that teachers mostly visited in 2002. The content includes:

  • Materials for language across curriculum
  • Subject Question Bank with search function
  • Bank of teaching ideas, worksheets and alternative teaching strategies
  • Self-learning corner on the usage of Chinese with interactive exercises and reference materials
  • Data Bank of glossary and useful web site addresses
  • Project Learning and assessment: references and school-based materials
  • Cyber Conference Corner to encourage discussion and sharing among teachers

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