Online Teaching Resources on Chinese Practical Writings

Online Teaching Resources on Chinese Practical Writings (

Since the implementation of mother-tongue teaching, many schools have switched to using a Chinese document, school administrators and teachers at the time of writing, often need to refer to the information. Thus, the center from dozens of schools to collect a large number of practical text materials, classification, Reorganizing and polish after writing a “school of practical interpretation of the text,” a book published in 2002 by Hong Kong University Press.

The main contents of this website is to press the book on the idea of ​​establishing “Online practical text” explore dozens of schools commonly used text wording and practical features. Genre analysis is made ​​in accordance with internationally renowned theoretical linguistics guru Professor Han Lide (Prof. MAK Halliday) was founded in functional linguistics. “Online Practical Man” is divided into six parts a) document type (b) schematic structure (three) essay sample (four) interactive exercises (five) writing skills (six) useful web site. “Document Type” simply describes the different types of documents; “schematic structure” described in detail the structure of the text and text-step step functions related genre, supplemented by text stories; “essay examples,” according to the text example text further step, to analyze its contents; “Interactive exercises,” according to Professor Ma Feilong (Prof. Ference Marton) variation principle (Variation theory) designed to “questions and Answers”, “Wen Wen step further restructuring and pairing” (fusion), “comparative exercise” (contrast) three kinds form, allowing readers to think, to consolidate what they have learned; “writing skills” when writing about the documents summarize, we must pay attention to the various principles; “useful website” website to collect information about the practical paper writing. Hope genre structure and writing skills of a small practice, and Pham Van cases of analysis, other learning practical language website and other information, so that we can have different types of text and practical understanding, and mastery of basic writing skills.

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