Improving Language and Learning in Public-sector Schools (ILLIPS): Improving Language and Learning Across the Curriculum through Subject Specific Genre Teaching

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HKCEE chemical, biological and economic Branch stylistic analysis

In recent years, the Center invited all subjects experienced teacher researcher, writing a chapter-style reference to the answer according to marking schemes, the development of the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination chemical, biological and economic Branch Communication stylistic analysis of the topic references (see table) . References are listed above topics, genre, year, title number, etc., teachers can meet this center in 2008 in collaboration with the Department of Education a study ── “Language and learning in public schools optimization plan” ‘Improving Language and Learning in body language teaching strategies Public-sector Schools (ILLIPS) ‘developed to help enhance students’ academic writing skills.

These chapters type of reference to the answer for improved student and written communication skills, we welcome you to the teacher put it issued to students for reference, and discuss with the students, so that they can fully understand the requirements of the subject, clear answer.

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