Student Support Program for Non-Chinese Speaking Students (SSP)

Provision of Services for Running of Chinese Language Learning Support Centres for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students (SSP2016-18)

Fund Source Placement and Support Section, Education Bureau
Project Investigators


Dr. Tai Chung Pui (P.I.), Dr. Shum Shiu Kee, Mark, Dr. Ki Wing Wah, Dr. Lai Chun, Dr. Huang Xianhan, Ms. Ada Wan-man Poon et al
Period of Project 2016-18
Aim(s) of project This project aims at providing student support programmes on Chinese Language for non-Chinese students at Secondary level; and conducting teachers workshops for Chinese Language teachers on the development, selection and use of learning and teaching resources for NCS students to address problems arisen from learning diversity among NCS students.
Mission We target to support Non-Chinese students to learn Chinese language effectively, based on an integration of university-supported research and practical experience from the frontline teaching. We aim to help these NCSs adapt to school life and the society and develop comprehensive skills in Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing. To support NCSs to have better future career prospect, we also help preparing them for examinations for local and international qualifications.

Our motto is: “Equality and harmony, catering for diverse needs”. The spirit of “Harmony in diversity” and “All are educable” is also what we learnt from our partner schools.

The SSP programme provides tailor-made teaching materials and methods to cater for the needs of school. Services of the SSP include tutorial classes for NCSs, seminars and professional development workshops for teachers and the development of teaching materials.

Contact NCS Students Chinese Learning Centre cum

The Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research

Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

Address: Room 608-13, Meng Wah Complex, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

Telephone: (852) 3917 8294

Fax: (852) 2517 4403


Teachers’ Workshops        Year 2016 – 2017

Date of Event Topic
1 15/10/2016 非華語學生的中文教學整體課程規劃:認識應用學習中文(Applied Learning Chinese)及掌握GCSE/IGCSE、GCE AS/AL和教材介紹



2 5/11/2016 非華語學生中文閱讀及寫作的教學策略:以GCSE、應用學習中文及TSA的教學和評估為例



3 3/12/2016 非華語學生中文聆聽及說話的教學策略:以GCSE、GCE AS的教學和評估為例



4 13/1/2017 課堂管理——如何有效管理非華語學生的中文課堂



5 18/2/2017 適合華語與非華語學生共融學習的跨文化教學策略



6 11/3/2017 信手拈來皆是教材



Student Self-Learning Centre (SSP 2014-16)

Websites of the previous SSP projects:

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Including graded teaching materials and self assessment tasks for non-Chinese speaking students

Online Resources 

Self Access Learning Materials (By type, topic, pronunciation)

27 units of Graded Materials [Password required]

Chinese Characters Learning Software Package for South Asian Learners

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