Mainland China

Dr. Albert Chung, Mr. Ki Wing Wah, Prof. Gerry Postiglione, Mr. Eddie Lau and Dr. Lam Ho Cheong were invited to visit QinghaiNormalUniversity in September 2004 to discuss the possibility of collaboration on developing teaching and learning package on Chinese Language as second language for Qinghai minorities’ students.

Dr. Albert Chung, Mr. Ki Wing Wah and Dr. Lam Ho Cheong were visiting the classrooms of one primary school and one secondary school in Qinghai.

Prof. Tse Shek Kam and Mr. Ki Wing Wah were invited to Qinghai in July 2006 to discuss the details of further collaboration between CACLER and Qinghai Normal University on developing teaching package on Chinese Language.

Prof. Tse and Mr. Ki visited two poor families of Qinghai minorities.

Mr. Chang Shiping (the 4th from left), Deputy Head of Division of Application and Management of Language & Medium, Ministry of Education of China and Ms. Wei Dan (the 3rd from right), Division of Application and Management of Language and Medium, Ministry of Education of China, visited our Centre on 13 May 2006 and was very interested in our multi-media package of Chinese characters learning and teaching.

Prof. Li Shengbing (2nd from right), Dean of College of International Culture, SouthChinaNormalUniversity, has visited our Centre on 28 Aug 2006 to explore the possibility of collaboration.

Is it true that the CKC Chinese Input System is a quick-to-master method to input Chinese characters? You can learn the answer by the age of competitors of 2006 National CKC Competition, which was held on 5 & 6 Aug 2006 at Shanghai – their age ranged from 6 to 80.

Over 100 representatives from schools and educational institutes of 16 provinces in China were attended the launching ceremony of a book titled ‘A study on teaching development of CKC Chinese Input System’ (縱橫輸入法教學發展的研究) in April 2006.

It was followed by a seminar on Theory and Application of CKC Chinese Input System (縱橫輸入法理論與實踐研討會) with 250 attendees held on 14 April 2006.

Dr. Wang Lingzhi (left of bottom row), University of California Berkely, Dr. Wang Wenjing (right of bottom row), BeijingNormalUniversity, and Dr. Christy Lao, San FranciscoStateUniversity visited our Centre on 1 Sep 2006 to exchange their experience on L1 and L2 teaching.

Following a meeting with Dr. Wang Wenjing, Associate Investigator of State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neurosciences and Learning (SKLCNL), Beijing Normal University, and Dr. Wang Lingzhi from University of California Berkely on 1 Sep 2006 to exchange L2 learning research experience,

Prof. S. K. Tse and Mr. W. W. Ki were invited to visit the Laboratory on 3 & 4 Sep 2006 and to meet Prof. Dong Qi, Vice-principal of Beijing Normal University to explore if there would be any further possibility of collaboration on teaching Chinese as second language.

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