Hong Kong, Macau and Chinese Tapei

Mr. Anthony C.S. Pun, the former Principal Assistant Secretary (QA) of EMB who has retired since Oct 2006, visited our Centre on 28 Feb 2006 to discuss the details of a research collaboration project on subject-specific genre.

Dr. Hong Weilei, Hubei University of PRC, and Dr. Chan Wing Sat, Department of Chinese & bilingual Studies of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, has visited our Centre on 29 Nov 2006 to discuss research collaboration on Chinese practical writings.

CACLER and LST Yu Kan Hing Secondary School were collaborated in the past few years to develop school-based Chinese Language curriculum. One of the teaching approaches is to integrate drama education into Chinese Language learning through a series of Cantonese classical fictions. The form 1 students performed an act of a famous classical fiction (射雕英雄傳) in a drama competition in the first semester of 2006/07 school year.

Besides Cantonese Opera Development Fund, ‘Integrating Cantonese Opera on New Senior Secondary Chinese Language Curriculum and Assessment: A Seed project (融合中國語文科新高中課程及評估計劃「粵劇小荳苗」) has been sponsored by Yam Pak Foundation to further develop the project in the next two years.

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