Book Table

Chinese language curriculum design for students with special needs (in Chinese).
Infusing IB Philosophy and Pedagogy into Chinese Language Teaching
Parents Handbook on the Education of Non-Chinese Speaking Students (2015)
Early Childhood Literacy: Effective Chinese Language Acquisition and Teaching (Text in Chinese)
Subject Specific Genres of Liberal Studies and the Expression of Meanings
Accessing Chinese For ethnic minority learners in Hong Kong Volume IV (Unit 10, 11 & 12) [Second Edition]
From Helplessness to Mutual Help: Teachers’ Handbook on teaching Chinese for non-Chinese speaking primary students (in Chinese)
Teaching Chinese to Chinese Language Learners: Theories and Practices (in Chinese)
Resource Book on Return to Learning to Learn: Promoting Secondary School Students’ Ability of Reading Complex Texts for the Understanding of Chinese Culture in Hong Kong (In Chinese)
Effective Teaching and Learning of Chinese for Non-Chinese Speaking Preschoolers (In Chinese) (Text in Traditional Chinese)

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